European Regional Development Policy Support

Project Overview

European Regional Development Policy Support Project is providing assistance to the Regional Policy Department of the Secretariat to the Cabinet of Ministers Ukraine.  

The main activities are:
1.    Provision of Policy advice and training sessions for Regional Development Policy management and implementing bodies. Actions include:
•    Provide training seminar on regional policy development for mainly national level personnel.
•    Provide policy advice to central government on development of structures, systems and capacity for regional development policy management in Ukraine.

2.    Scoping study to review potential for further UK support. Activities include:
•    Review and  analyse  current situation at national and selected regional level
•    Prepare report and a proposal (if required) for further UK and CEE experts assistance.
•    Assist in providing links to relevant  UK and other Member States Organisations.

The ERDPS project runs from August 2009-April 2010.

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